Failure is strength training for success.

” Aim for perfection but be satisfied with excellence.” I read this quote and it stuck with me. It reminds me that many spectacular successes begin in abject failure. Perfection is not possible for man but if we learn from the times we fall short, we can apply those lessons to our continued efforts.

This thought, that failures do not define or limit our potential, is very powerful. If every failure is looked at as a vehicle to learn something new, it means even our failures are successful. At minimum, we learn what not to do next time.

I find that life is all about perspective. I begin each and every day stronger and more purposefully because of the mistakes of yesterday. By the time I awaken In the morning, the results of yesterday’s experiments in living are clear. It is fresh in my mind what I did and the outcome is crystal clear. If I didn’t succeed, I  know exactly what NOT to repeat and simply have to figure out which new direction to take. I love looking at errors as strength training.  With every failure, I am building the muscles of success.